GDC Hospital Laboratory is fully equipped with state of the art new generation ultra-modern technology. The laboratory corroborates with all clinical departments and has multi-disciplinary approach in practicing best standards to ensure the accuracy, reliability and timeliness of patient test results.

Laboratory tests are a vital element of diagnosis, treatment planning and monitoring for every disease from the most common to the esoteric. GDC Hospital Laboratory has a comprehensive test menu to meet the requirement of all clinical specialties such as:

  • Biochemistry and Immunochemistry – tests for metabolic diseases, Diabetes, Cholesterol and Lipids, Kidney functions, Liver functions, Acute Coronary (Heart) syndrome, Infertility, Thyroid diseases, Infectious disease screening, Tumor markers, Vitamins etc.
  • Special Chemistry – Allergy testing for Inhalant and Food allergens, markers for Inflammatory Bowel diseases, Comprehensive panel of autoimmune diseases and test for Helicobacter pylori by gold standard – Urea Breath Test.
  • Hematology – Complete Blood Count, Screening and diagnostic tests for Anemia, Hemoglobinopathies, Coagulation disorders, Blood banking etc.
  • Microbiology – Culture testing with antibiogram for bacterial diseases from any site, fungal diseases, Antigen testing for viral infections, occult blood testing etc.
  • Anatomic Pathology – Cervical Cancers screening by liquid based cytology for (PAP Smears), Fine needle aspiration Cytology and Histopathology.

The laboratory is open 24/7 and manned by well qualified HAAD Licensed staff.

GDC Hospital Laboratory is committed to quality. The laboratory participate in College of American Pathologist External Quality Assessment Program to compare our standards with the laboratories around the world. Our successful accomplishment of ISO 15189 and JCI accreditation reflects our continuous commitment towards quality and excellence in health care delivery.

GDC Hospital Mobile app is now available on Android