The department of Ophthalmology at GDC hospital houses internationally recognized expert team of Ophthalmologists for diagnostic, treatment and management of common and serious eye problem such as: 

  • Computerized eye testing, objective and subjective visual test.
  • Treatment and management of squint and amblyopia (loss of vision in kids).
  • Low vision aid visual rehabilitation.
  • Refractive surgery including – PRK, ICRS – Lasik- Cross- linking therapy by keratoconus.
  • Diagnostic and treatment of dry eye syndrome and lacrimal duct diseases.
  • Pediatrics Ophthalmology including eye glasses prescription.
  • Prevention and treatment of Glaucoma, medical and laser therapy
  • Suture less cataract surgeries ( Phaco Surgery).
  • Diagnostic and treatment of diabetic Retinopathy, aged related macular degeneration, vascular, occlusion Retinopathy, uveitis and other retinal diseases including laser and intravitreal anti VEGF/Steroid injection.
  • Vitreoretinal surgery by vitreous hemorrhage, retinal detachment and other retinal diseases, treatment of eye diseases.

Ophthalmology Department and Staff

A powerfull team working for your Health

Dr. Ramzi Ghanem

Consultant Ophthalmologist

Dr. Saadalla Al Halabi

Specialist Ophthalmology

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