The Pulmonary/Respiratory Medicine clinic at Gulf Diagnostics Center Hospital facilitates testing and treatment of disorders and diseases of upper and lower respiratory system., Diagnostic testing includes, pulse oximetry , spirometry (pulmonary function evaluation and estimated lungs age for smoker),chest radiography, CT scan of chest and Chest CT angiography.

The conditions diagnosed and treated in the Pulmonary/Respiratory Medicine clinic include:

.Persisting cough


.COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)


.Upper Respiratory Tract Infection

.Acute & Chronic Bronchitis


.Pleural Effusion



.Pulmonary Embolism

.Pulmonary Hypertension

.Systemic Diseases (ex: Sarcoidosis )

.Lung Fibrosis

.Mediastinal Diseases




.Atypical Shortness Of Breath

The observation room team is ready 24 hours to take care of asthmatic patients referred by the Respiratory/Pulmonary clinic for exacerbation of bronchial asthma

Prevention of respiratory disease includes Influenza vaccine, Pneumococcal vaccine and Smoke Cessation Consultation.

Pulmonology Department and Staff

A powerfull team working for your Health

Dr. Mohammad Ariqat

Consultant Respiratory Medicine

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